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Mark Gunderson
  Contributors - This Great Society =Illustrator= =Visual Artist=   lives in Portland, OR. He earned a BA in Fine Arts and Art History from Portland State University and an MAT from George Fox University. He loves spending time with his wife and four kids who constantly inspire his art. markjamesgunderson.blogspot  

In This Issue:
Drawings: Our Crisis Filled Love: At Least It's Not Boring

Best of Fiction Issue:
Illustration for:
Well Sure, I Coould Always Use Another Lawn Chair by Joel Bentley

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Drawings: Our Crisis Filled Love: At Least It's Not Boring
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Illustrations for:
Far From Home by Thea Tambogon
Excerpt from Currency by Sarah Beck
Faith and the Fall Line by Mary-Colleen Jenkins
Mama had a Dream the Night Dale Earnhardt Died by Heather McDonald
So Away with Dreaming by Jess Janz
Ski Days, Redux by Hilary Meyerson
Issue 17: Power by This Great Society
Comparative Nutritional Value by Caleb Zimmerman
Following Distance by Robert King
Well sure, I could always use another lawn chair by Joel Bentley
Synonyms of the verb Covet by Sharon Bala
Pageant by Joel Bentley

This Great Society - Contents
This Great Society - Contents