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Caroline Weaver
  Contributors - This Great Society =Illustrator= =Visual Artist=   is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Vancouver, BC.  

In This Issue:
Paintings: Elimidate

Previous contributions:
Paintings: Elimidate
Paintings: MEXI-CATS
Paintings: We Did It! Together! Like Birds of a Feather, In Leather!
Paintings: Gold Fronts

Illustrations for:
Black Hat by Sharon Garrard
Ugly as an Eel by Noah C. Buck
You Have a Choice, Crotchety Old Lady by Anneli Matheson
Battleaxe Sweetheart by Caleb Zimmerman
Spare Me the Monologue by Anneli Matheson
Unwanted by Noah C. Buck

This Great Society - Contents
This Great Society - Contents