Illustration: Jim Boraas        

Alma Visscher: Paths of Desire
  Rob BorĂ¥s: Dissociative Geometry

Heidi Nagtegaal: Headbands and Bracelets
  Shari-Anne Vis: Now the Trees Have all Grown Up

Sarah Haxby: Level Playing Field
  Lilith Yacub: When the Earth Was Flat

Brigitte Lochhead: Visceral Saturation
  Brian Rush: Box

Mark Gunderson - Our Crisis Filled Love: At Least It's Not Boring
  Zadie Xa: The Sphinx Without A Secret

Camilla d'Errico: Folly Series
  Miranda Boire: A Love of Contradiction

P. Roch Smith: Fun Work - Hard Play
  Jessica Jang: Dead Zone

Laura Breukelman: Once Upon a Time...



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Victoria Kloch: Life

Jenny Hawkinson: Boys & Guns

Caroline Weaver: Elimidate

Sarawut Chutiwongpeti: Untitled (Wishes, Lies and Dreams)

This Great Society - Contents

This Great Society - Contents