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Jessica Jang: Untitled (Cherry)

Jessica Jang: Guilin Dreamin'

Jessica Jang: Squirm (Oil I)

Jessica Jang: Nightmare (Oil II)

Jessica Jang: Slide

Jessica Jang: Algae Worm

Jessica Jang: Potpourri

Jessica Jang: Dead Zone

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With current environmental discourse in mind, the Arcadian notion of landscape no longer reflects our social or geological realities. I am interested in the unpredictability the wilderness poses and the potential for violence to erupt. These particular pieces investigate the connection between the nature of wetlands, mortality, deformity, and the BP oil spill. Listening day after day to the BBC as the catastrophic oil spill developed created a sickly and surreal feeling inside of me. It felt like the night I had a high fever and black tendrils wrapped around my face and delivered me into a troubled slumber.


This Great Society - Contents


This Great Society - Contents