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Illustration: Joel Bentley

Patrick Bruskiewich: Whilst Absinthe makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Illustration: Joel Bentley


                                                            Vincent … my stars shine bright,
                                                                        they shimmer like diamonds of sand,
                                                            Oh draw you in, come let you laugh
                                                                        away the moon and azure land.

                                                A light that in our darkness rise,
                                                            in sordid public house, where one can set,
                                                To one’s own ruin, go mad, commit a crime,
                                                            growl gruff, hallucinate … ere nightmare get.

                                    Partake, I must, this verdant sin,
                                                not once, nor twice, not in between.
                                    Let loose the dogs, yes lure me in,
                                                then ask me not where I have been,

                        Lie low, I must, against the spin.
                                    How else can I redeem my soul?
                        Pray catch the chaos that is within
                                    and fortify my heart against the cold.

            A sun here burns within my soul,
                        whilst Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder,
            Why! No one ever comes to harm, old
                        selves that burden us to blindly wander.

Is there a God that truly knows
            what we want better than ourselves?
Who helps us where we dare not go
            and paint away unhappy lives.

This I ask of you …

            Remember me when I am gone
                        and colour not my story.
                                    In life I was a soul forgone,
                                                In death, sun’s flowers are my glory.


                                                                                    A tribute to Van Gogh,
                                                                                    Using some of his own words.                                                                                     14 April, 2010
                                                                                    Patrick Bruskiewich

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This Great Society - Contents