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Illustration: James Moes

Veronica Collins: Signal Fire
Illustration: James Moes


When the rain sweeps into this city,
I sense your body heat like a signal fire.

Up there, on the cliffs, you are tending to the smoke,
choosing the wood and grass
(the way of a man building a house, the way of a man casting a line).

You live like you fish: patient, knowing, skillful.
Your bent attention and your steady trawling,
so apart from my foraging
(my here and there,
the way I rattle windows, scatter leaves in my wake).

I watch you from the grasses,
in the seconds between running and pouncing,
the way you stand –
a pillar of shadow in water.

I am the swimmer, at odds with the tide,
and you are the bluff, the silhouette, the flame.

The lit window
two floors up,
when the rain sweeps into this city.


This Great Society - Contents


This Great Society - Contents