This Great Society - Writing

Illustration: Joel Bentley

Julia M. Allen: The Virgin Queen
Illustration: Joel Bentley



Sometimes at night when I cannot sleep
I screen the glorious revolution through my head
In black & white, only to stop when
Mary dies, leaving me all
To you.

There I gaze upon your auburn head
And graceless feet
To wonder how a woman
Could have been so puissant.

Black eyes stare back at me,
Your white collar curling inward
Having never been desperately removed,
All men stayed
Intrigued, but unsatisfied.

One day
When the snowflakes die
I will harvest the sun as you did
Promoting diplomacy, freeing minds
Allowing all to worship
As they please.
England was set on a new course,
Far distant from the old spring
Of intolerance & indifference.

Give me some time now, Elizabeth,
To ponder your philosophy;
Release yourself from the greening pages
Of textbooks & legacy.

Adieu, Julia

This Great Society - Contents


This Great Society - Contents