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Illustration: Alma Visscher

Julie Stuckey: Day of Accounting

Illustrations: Alma Visscher


The ides of April – that onerous, weighty date –
Requires and demands an accounting:
            a methodical review of all choices,
            a coming to terms with the realities of our days;
                        placed on the scale of life
                        to determine relative plusses and minuses.
Stretching the bounds of our orderly, circumscribed routine
            we are caught unaware at the edges of forgetting.
Stumbling with weariness and finally sitting down in exhaustion,
We render our givings and takings
            our debits and credits
                        our loves and failings …
Hoping with fingers crossed after numerous recalculations
            that withholdings were entered correctly
                        to enable our portfolio to grow in leaps and bounds –
All while shielding misgivings in that dark, tight corner
            of net worth.


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