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Illustration: Jim Boraas

Jim Boraas: Eskimo Snow

For a long time I've had this idea that I'd make an awesome singer. I could get all this great stuff off my chest and people would love me. So I was always looking at tabs and notation for songs I like and thinking, Yeah, some day I'm going to record myself singing that. But I never do.

A while ago I decided to break this tradition and actually record myself singing some stuff. It was a shameful exercise. So I decided not to let you hear it. Instead I've taken a song called Eskimo Snow, by Why?, and reworked it a bit and recorded it with none of these lyrics by Jonathan Wolf:

All my words for sadness
Like eskimo snow on unmanned crosses all
Planted in threes in a field for living trees
Are hummed as prayers in secret
and sung through speakers in rooms for people to hear it
Even when I'm wasted and numb
With the words for good wine on a philistine's tongue

And I'm under something black
and thicker than a sheet for ghosts
or the first feet of snow
That old clouds yield
On the crosses on the chests of dead soldiers in a field
and I'm still here
Bearing my watery fruits if fruits at all
And I'm still here
Barely understanding what truth that rarely calls

I hope you enjoy it.

*This is where you can see a poor quality video recording of Why? playing Eskimo Snow at some bar in Baton Rouge.

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