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This Great Society


Illustration: Jim Boraas

"HERE I AM TO WORSHIP” Poetry by Kenji Alexander Kabayama Skulstad
Illustration: Jim Boraas

she wears an acid drop

velvet-topped sugar shot

curtain cloth like she's not

and never was my only love

the story of...

the lady and the thief

and of how she weaves

these violent scenes with vodka steam

in between my shaking knees

as i read and climb up her chest

where i confess that i'm obsessed

i'm eucharist inside this holy mess

and i regret all the flesh

that i've laid to rest

let's kiss and then be left to be endless

she's holiness and i'm twice blessed

i breathe to breathe her every breath

so i slip inside those slender lips

and crawl inside her gums

that bleed to lovers' tongues

her skin so thin that i break in

and bleed back out her open mouth

wanting to be tangled in her sin

in her bite marks teeth scars and limbs

i wonder if she's perfect

does she know i'm here to worship?

this is innovation in intimacy

not flowers and hearts

but fingerprints and body parts

this is invitation to faith

come on dear let's pray

i could not would not waste today

'cause they swear passion fades in time

that love's a sugar-cyanide

but this love is left inside

and we'll be left alone to climb



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