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Heidi Nagtegaal: Redirecting Traffic



On Sunday, February 21, 2010, Redirecting Traffic was performed on Hastings Avenue, between Heatley and Hawks. During a space of 10 minutes, I redirected a handful of buses, an Olympiad van, an ambulance (no sirens), and heavy traffic until undercover cops came. Winter Olympics, Vancouver —this is my say.
               All this was performed with the help of four pylons I made myself, crocheted out of Flagging Tape, and a Flaggers Uniform I bought at Army and Navy.

*     *     *     *

Redirecting Traffic 2010 is an Artist Project by Heidi Nagtegaal. She is a member of White Pillows Collective, which operated out of VIVO Media Arts Centre during the Olympics as a part of Safe Assembly. White Pillows Collective is a group of 10 performance artists making critical work in response to lived experience. Redirecting Traffic was a part of their Olympic Programming.
               Balcone sponsored Redirecting Traffic for their Olympic 2010 Programming. Balcone is a Vancouver-based organization that supports artists with their projects and promotes their work.
               This footage was captured by Rina Liddle, from Balcone (Vancouver, BC).



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