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Illustration by Jim Boraas

This composition is part of a semi-colaborative undertaking called The Lakes Project. The idea behind this project is that it would be a lot of fun to record music about lakes.

Loon Lake, and its smaller neighbour Lost Lake, is located in an area of Maple Ridge BC that was the geographical center of my teenaged summers. I often went with friends to the forest around Loon Lake to skip school and jump from cliffs and waterfalls into very cold water. It was pretty much paradise.

The song opens with an expression of my continued affection for the good old noisy tunes that where typical of any trip out to The Cliffs. This is followed by the more sedate, measured, experience of spending an afternoon on water with simple romance fading into warm evenings.

Of course, such a literal approach to the song is, hopefully, not necessary for it to be enjoyed but it's there in case you're interested.


As soon as I finish the B side for this recording, or some of the other Lakes Project members get their acts together, we're going to lathe cut some slick polycarbonate 7"s of our various recordings and let you have them. Look forward to that.



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