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Creative Writing


Illustration: Jim Boraas

  “(THE SCENE)” Poem by Kenji Alexander Kabayama Skulstad
Illustration: Jim Boraas


(when i say)

i can write her kiss with words in my sleep
but i fear we'll never be a couplet
and the kissing rhyme within this sonnet
is the closest our lips come to meet

(i love you)

photographic fluids exchanged by lovers
in a photo booth shoot-out for recovering porn addicts
dancing in the darkroom and so graphic
are the visuals i can't share them with others

(it's more than)

i am left without word without picture
i am without the lead opposite me
i'm here in the final act and she's gone
but i've all of these scenes of me with her
developed and exposed on my memory
complete with major motion picture theme song

(a moviestar kiss)


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