This Great Society Issue 7: The Body - Contents

Linnea McNally
  Contributors - This Great Society   is an English MA student at Simon Fraser University. She has published works in This Great Society and [spaces], and has shown art at exhibitions in Langley and Coquitlam, BC. She is currently working on composing and publishing a book on her family's history.  

In This Issue:

Illustration for: Ari From Brooklyn by Lynn Passmore

Previous contributions:
Personal Essay & Illustration: One of My Own
Personal Essay & Photos: Not Alone
Poems: The Silver Lining and Another Letter to Myself

Illustrations for:
Comrade of Thy Wanderings Part 3 by D.A. Weiss
Humble Things by Veronica Collins
Not Alone by Linnea McNally Jenkins
Comrade of Thy Wanderings - Part 2 by D. A. Weiss
Comrade of Thy Wanderings - Part 1 by D. A. Weiss
A Day in the Life of a Wall Street Fat Cat by Thomas Cairns



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