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Creative Writing

Illustration by Veronica Collins

13 Weeks by Deb Couch
Illustration by Veronica Collins


The day is new.
The thought of you here with us is still new.
I long to love you like no one ever will
(I long to know if I can).
Today you are so slight - just a whisper, a downy flake.
Your fragile heart, connected to mine.
But with every rapid beat,
I love you already.
Today I don't know the feel of your skin,
the smell of your hair,
the sight of your eyes, that will one day be like home to me.
And yet, I hold you closer now than I ever will.
I wonder at how this will change.
I wonder if there will be a day
(when you'reĀ thirteen years old)
when you look at me dismissively
and believe that I could never understand you.
Today you areĀ thirteen weeks.
I listen to your astounding heartbeat, and I want you to know:
Closest, close, or far away -
My love will span the distance.
For you, always.
My love will.

This Great Society - Contents
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