Contents - This Great Society - Issue 5, Mythology - December 2009/January 2010
  Alma Visscher   Alma Visscher is currently working on her MFA in Drawing & Intermedia at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. She has both delivered auto parts and exhibited throughout the lower mainland. Her work can be seen at:  
  Amanda Smith Regier   Amanda Smith Regier is a writer from Vancouver, currently living in Oxford (UK). Editor of both London Business School’s and Trinity Western University’s alumni magazines, Amanda can usually be found indulging in literary pursuits, enjoying London culture, or riding her bike in Oxfordshire.  
  Angela Giraud   Angela Giraud lives in BC’s lower mainland with her husband, also a writer. She loves spending time outside, curling up with a good read, and playing with words.  
  Ben Linkewich   Benjamin Linkewich is currently studying theology at Regent College in Vancouver. His diverse interests have led to a BSc in Chemistry and a BA in English. He enjoys playing the violin, hiking, ballroom dancing, and writing.  
  Caleb Zimmerman   Caleb Zimmerman has lived and written in northern BC, Japan, and Alberta – where he earned an MA in English at the University of Calgary. His work has most recently been published in Geist and Dandelion. Caleb lives in metro Vancouver where he is Associate Director of communications at Trinity Western University.  
  Caroline Weaver   Caroline Weaver is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Vancouver, BC  
  Chris Nash   Chris Nash is a nanny and farmhand who writes, acts, sings, composes and plays baseball. Chris has completed his BA in English with a minor in theatre, and recently moved from Toronto to Langley, BC. His band, KnifeGun, is planning a series of shows for the new year.  
  D. A. Weiss   D. A. Weiss is a communications professional in Vancouver, BC. who enjoys escaping into the worlds of Rafael Sabatini, Cormac McCarthy, and Townes Van Zandt.  
  Fraser Martens   Fraser Martens is a Vancouver ex-patriate currently exiled to Moscow, Idaho, where he's working on the fourth year of a liberal arts degree that will make him Canada's best-read fry cook. He likes the Vancouver Canucks, roaring fires on rainy afternoons, and perogies, preferably enjoyed together.  
  Ghost House   Ghost House hail from Vancouver BC. Their live experience is a fervour of drums, bass and guitar parts that are always climbing or flitting around like fruit flies, with complimentary piano steering songs into new territory and earning the praise of Exclaim! and the Straight.  
  Jillian Towery   Jillian Towery lives in Langley, BC, where she teaches reading and critical thinking courses to international students seeking Master's degrees. She is currently attempting to read everything from Plato to Nietzsche. Read more from Jill at:
  Jim Boraas   Jim Boraas is the Design & Web Editor for This Great Society. He has a BFA from Emily Carr University and works as a freelance creative in Vancouver.
  Joel Bentley   Joel Bentley is the Managing & Design Editor of This Great Society. He lives in Vancouver, BC and his freelance work has appeared locally in Vancouver Magazine and BC Business. Throughout advent this December, he will be publishing a serialized story on his blog:  
  Justin Smallbridge   Justin Smallbridge has been messing around with video, sound, print and other media for a long time. A lot of the time he was committing journalism in one form or another, but sometimes it was just for the hell of it.  
  Laura Milligan   Laura Milligan is a writer who enjoys exploring the great outdoors, culture, cooking and art. With a Master's in Art History and Curatorial Practice from York University in Ontario, Laura currently lives with her husband in Vancouver BC. Her culinary and cultural finds can be enjoyed at her blog: thedandizette.wordpress.  
  Leah Rachel Albertson   Leah Albertson lives in Santa Monica, California, where she works in marketing for the popular TOMS Shoes company. She's a photographer and designer whose favourite medium is a disposable camera. She also loves road trips.  
  Lilith Yacub   Lilith Yacub is a photographer who lives in Vancouver, BC. She has earned a BFA from Emily Carr University, written for ONLY magazine and exhibited both locally and in Seattle. Her work finds humour in the sublime, absurd and macabre theatre of life.  
  Linnea McNally   Linnea McNally is an English MA student at Simon Fraser University. She has published works in This Great Society and [spaces], and has shown art at exhibitions in Langley and in Coquitlam, BC. She is currently compiling her first published collection of poetry and artwork.  
  Loranne Brown   Loranne Brown is an author and journalist who teaches non-fiction writing at Trinity Western University. Her novel, The Handless Maiden (Doubleday Canada 1998), was nominated for provincial, national and international awards. She has recently completed Blind Judgment and is working on After the Fact of Fire.  
  Mark Gunderson   Mark Gunderson lives in Portland, OR. He earned a BA in Art History from Portland State University and is currently working towards an MAT from George Fox University. He loves spending time with his wife and three boys, who constantly inspire his art:
  Micah Towery   Micah Towery lives in Langley, BC. He earned an MFA in Poetry at Hunter College, and has taken a recent interest in grand unified theories and is a sometimes publisher at:
  Mindy Heins   Mindy Heins lives in Edmonton, where she is working towards a BFA in Drawing & Printmaking at the University of Alberta. Most days she sits in a stupor in between a wheat field and tundra. In her youth she always dreamed of having a bear with whom she could dance.  
  Noah C. Buck   Noah C. Buck lives in Portland, OR, where he graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Speech Communication and Media Criticism. He’s a server, writer, model, and a sucker for the French language, dogs and cats—though he never wants a pet of his own.  
  Rob Borås   Rob Borås creates work influenced by his interests in sacred geometry, theoretical physics, and sensory depravation. He spends most of his time reading, and performing his original compositions.  
  Ryan Walter Wagner   Ryan Walter Wagner moved 15 times and attended 8 different schools by the time he was 19, and finally settled on Vancouver as his home town. He studied photography at Langara College and in various vans cramped with musicians and friends getting by any way they could.  
  Sarah Haxby   Sarah Haxby is an artist and community school coordinator living on Bowen Island, BC. She has a BA in Visual Arts from Emily Carr University, and a MA in Fine Art and Art History from the University of Wales. Her work has been exhibited in Vancouver, New York and Cardiff.  
  Shari-Anne Gibson   Shari-Anne Gibson received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Ontario College of Art and Design, before spending a year studying Renaissance painting in Florence, Italy. She has exhibited in Toronto, Germany, and Italy, and most recently in her new home city of Vancouver.  
  Taxes   Taxes: Own the words> own the world.
  Tom Borås   Tom Borås lives and draws in Maple Ridge, BC. He was born like the first slow note of a cello which builds gradually, then, all at once, reaches a state of mellow presence that never quite goes away. In other words, Tom is human.  
  Veronica Collins   Veronica Collins is Editor-in-Chief of This Great Society. She is a writer, an editor, and very occasionally an artist. In addition to her freelance work, Veronica is a professional writer at the University of British Columbia.  
  Zach Bulick   Zach Bulick is a designer and illustrator living and working in Vancouver, BC. He enjoys tea and company in his Cedar Cottage neighbourhood home. Zach posts things he likes, draws, and makes at:  
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