Contents - This Great Society - Issue 5, Mythology - December 2009/January 2010
Justin Smallbridge

“December's no longer perfect, the way December once was -- before puberty, before the homeless, before the holidays turned from passive acquisitive spectacle to fretful logistical responsibility, before rampant neo-Dickensianism made sweet old customs seem suddenly like smarmy Madison Avenue affectations. But the month still has plenty to recommend it, not even counting the proliferating college football classics and the gifts of over-packaged free liquor from strangers and the Santas shambling off to work each morning. December is the only time of year when the high-rent shopping avenues justify their peculiar brand of swank, when it is possible to order an Irish coffee or even a kir royale and not feel like a hooker or a tourist, when merrymaking itself seems almost virtuous. Ritualized generosity and ritualized good cheer are better than none at all."
(Kurt Andersen, /Spy/, December, 1989)

“Best wishes for an above-average federally-mandated winter-solstice adjacent gift-exchange, feast-consumption and partial work-stoppage opportunity. (Void where prohibited.)”

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