Contents - This Great Society - Issue 5, Mythology - December 2009/January 2010
Dissociative Geometry - by Rob Borås
Dissociative Geometry Dissociative Geometry Dissociative Geometry Dissociative Geometry

The drawings included in the series “Dissociative Geometry” are the results of a meditative process through which I have attempted to withdraw from my conscious existence, and allow patterns to emerge in a similar process to the formation of patterns in frost or ice crystals.

In these drawings, I am trying to evoke the dense complexity of mathematical beauty as it appears in nature. I hope these drawings share a sort of geometric similarity to the natural world, in the same way that music shares an internal geometric structure with architecture despite the vastly dissimilar nature of their materialized expressions.

In this sense, the drawings can be considered poetic retellings of concrete, mathematical reality. The meditative aspect of their creation allows me to find numbered order in a seemingly chaotic existence. Their value is mainly personal, but I hope they can also communicate a common ground in how we evolve in a universe where entropy is the fundamental law.

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