This Great Society Issue 4: Dis/connect Contents
  Contributors - This Great Society Joel Bentley
is the Managing & Design Editor of This Great Society. He wears many hats, most of them grey. His work has appeared in Vancouver Magazine, BC Business, and Patrol Mag, among others.

In this issue:
Photograph for: "The Death of My Textual Countenance" by Sharon Garrard

Previous contributions:

Short Story: House of Cards

Creative Non-Fiction: Small Fish, Smaller Pond

Photographs for:

"Land of Whirring Wings" by Scott McTaggart
"Hypnosis and other haikus" by Rune Davidsen
"The Blessing of Re-Experience" by Sarah Weigum
"Swallowing Air" by Sarah Gackle

"Small Fish, Smaller Pond" by Joel Bentley

"A Meditation on Death" by Melissa Orsino

"Defying Banality" by Veronica Collins


This Great Society Issue 4: Dis/connect Contents