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This Great Society

6:45 am
Woke up to the chirping of the alarm clock. Yawned, rolled over and went back to sleep. The alarm clock is more of a guideline than a strict command.

6:54 am

7:02 am
Still napping.

7:10 am
Rolled out of bed. Stretched out in a corner of early morning sunlight on a luxurious patch of Persian rug. Decided to take a quick nap before proceeding with breakfast and getting dressed.

7:47 am
Finished off breakfast with a saucer of warm milk. Checked the overnight Asian market numbers. Results were mixed, but were still strong overall. Clawed the sofa in the foyer while waiting for my driver.

8:15 am
Driver tried to make small talk while stuck in traffic. Pretended like I didn’t hear and stared stonily at him until he closed the glass partition.

8:23 am
Pondered briefly what it would cost to buy a helicopter and build a helipad to avoid traffic. Called my assistant so she could come up with some price estimates for me by the time I got to the office. Would the construction be noisy? Called assistant to confirm that only estimates from quiet construction workers would be considered.

8:27 am
What about helicopter pilot lessons? I would love to buzz by Jorgenson’s veranda on a Sunday afternoon, terrorize his family, see him chase his graphs and papers everywhere.

9:13 am
Arrived at my office. Assistant said she was still searching for helipad construction quotes. I recommended she start searching for a new job as well if she can’t keep up with the rest of us in the 21st century. This is a hilarious game we play: I threaten to fire her, she starts to fight back tears, and I have a good laugh about it later that day while playing Xbox or scrambling around over the office furniture.

9:30 am
Began my regular morning meditation on Sun Tzu’s Art of War. I don’t actually read the book. I just think about daily quotes my assistant finds for me online and prints out on a piece of paper. Today’s quote: “When torrential water tosses boulders, it is because of it's momentum.” Mind-blowing. They just don’t teach you that kind of thing in MBA programs. Considered how this might apply to the rapid growth and popularity of collateralized debt obligations.

9:31 am
Decided to spice up meditation hour by crumpling the quote into a paper ball and batting it around on my desk.

9:46 am
Added a few crisp hundred dollar bills to my meditation ball for some added heft and a delightful crinkle. Assistant knows to hold all my calls during meditation hours.

11:37 am
Knocked over my marble bust of Ayn Rand while chasing the meditation ball around the office. Resulting crash suddenly woke me from my meditative reverie. Realized I was late for 11:30 meeting.

This Great Society
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